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Amid the ravages of a century-long war, a young girl finds herself called by saints and angels to lead her battered people to victory against a brutal invading enemy. Was this a divine calling? An ergot-induced hallucination?  A convenient origin story to rally the troops? 


Her motivations ultimately matter less than her impact on history. Mere years after her revelation, that teenage girl from Domrémy would lead a resistance against the English occupation that would relieve cities, crown a king, and ultimately immortalize her as Joan of Arc – the great French tragic hero of the bloody Hundred Years War.


This was no fairy tale, and there was no happy ending. Joan was ultimately a victim of her success, her piety and her gender when in 1431 her enemies put her on trial attributing her success to witchcraft and conferencing with the devil. 


The war itself would last decades after the verdict, but her memory lives on in the French national mythology – and in this volume. 



Written by Tyler Button (Bayeux, The Puny Wars) and drawn by Ryan Cody (Doc Unknown) A Flower in a Field of Lions: The Trials of Joan of Arc recounts the extraordinary events of Joan’s life through her trial testimony. 


Diligently researched.


Fantastically drawn.


You may have heard her story, but you’ve never seen it like this.

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