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A Graphic Novel's Place in a Jesuit Prep Curriculum

Comics and graphic novels are truly an optimal medium by which to tell such fantastic stories as that of Saint Ignatius. The Catholic church has a long history of relying on illustrative storytelling to spread its message to the masses. Churches and cathedrals are full of statues, paintings, and stained glass all depicting the stories told in the sermons echoing within their walls. These artistic renderings of stories of faith create emotional and contextual connections which help the stories stick in the minds of those experiencing them.


While a comic book isn’t remotely on the artistic level of the Pieta or the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the effects are indeed similar. Comics and graphic novels are proven to make information effective and efficient by accessing multiple learning modalities and providing a way to compress information typically provided in large volumes into smaller more engaging books that people are more excited to consume. Graphic novels have even been embraced by Advanced Placement as a way to enhance classes in a multitude of subjects.


By combining progressive research based educational supplements with deeply rooted traditional aspects, comics and graphic novels perfectly fit within the heart of the Jesuit educational mission.

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