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THE GREATER GLORY is a projected 100-150 page graphic novel beautifully retelling the story of Ignatius Loyola for the intended purpose of providing incoming 9th grade students a more accessible in-depth look at the life and foundational spirituality of the saint and founder of the Society of Jesus.


By graduation, every student of a Jesuit high school is well versed in the violent origin story where a cannonball, a resetting of a knee, and a dearth of available reading material led to the transformation of a noble playboy into a man of God. Ignatius’ story is so much more than that but any more complete look at the man is buried in tomes unlikely to be attentively read by any 14 year old.



Providing incoming students with a more complete look at the story of Ignatius in an engaging and digestible way helps lay a foundation upon which each Jesuit school can successfully educate the whole person. It creates more buy-in by ingraining Ignatius' mission into the spirit of your students and plants important contextual seeds potentially improving the effectiveness of each student’s service and spiritual growth.



Reading about the lives of the saints forever changed Ignatius, so we know how important these tales are. A book like this creates an opportunity to inspire others with his own story. 

And with an expected completion date in time for the 2022 school year, it's a fantastic opportunity to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Saint Ignatius' pilgrimage and first steps towards forever changing the world.

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