Free Comic Book Day 2016 (Epilogue)

So my first ever Free Comic Book Day has come and gone and I have had some time to go over it a thousand times in my head. First and foremost, the day was significantly larger and more impressive than I had ever imagined. The festivities and pageantry that I saw was simply amazing. I am so incredibly grateful to the shops that included me and gave me a forum upon which to promote my work for the very first time. If you're just now tuning in, I put together a small "tour" for Free Comic Book Day stopping by three shops in an effort to spread some brand recognition around. It was my first attempt to promote my book and build some marketing momentum. As with any first, I learned a ton and


Tomorrow is the culmination of all the work that we squeezed into the last few weeks. It was about a month ago that the idea of a promotional ashcan for BAYEUX presented itself. Within that time, we got the ashcan designed, printed, and delivered. We visited just about all of the comic shops in the Phoenix area to introduce ourselves and ask them if they'd be willing to carry our work on the big day. The following weekend we delivered all of the ashcans as well as road tripped it to Tucson and Flagstaff in order to include the shops in those beautiful cities. While our initial goal was to get our ashcans in people hands via the help of all the wonderful local shops, we had a great reactio


These last two weeks have been huge for us here at Tapestry. We designed a beautiful promotional ashcan for BAYEUX with the help of Lee Xopher. After 15 hours of driving and interfacing with just about every single comic book shop in Arizona, the BAYEUX ashcan will be available for free in a comic book shop near you this Saturday. Tapestry Comics will also be making appearances at multiple shops to help celebrate the day. Check back here for our official announcement about where and when you'll be able to find us.

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