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I wrote BAYEUX 6 years ago when I was still a high school teacher. The Norman invasion of England was one of my favorite stories to tell my students and I realized through teaching that stories are much more powerful when they are adapted to a format that is exciting and entertaining as well as educational. I wanted to find a way to make my favorite historical stories relevant to my students and the pictorial narrative of William the Conqueror displayed on the Bayeux Tapestry made it a natural topic for adaptation to the pages of a graphic novel.

As somebody who really started not knowing a thing about what I was doing, putting together and working with the various parts of the team to actualize my vision was nothing short of an odyssey. A various cast of characters appeared and participated in the journey. Most helped guide me and gave me the tools to find my way, some hurt and built barriers, and some (like the best of villains) drifted throughout the infinite space that separate the extremes. But here I am, standing before the threshold of the home that I’ve longed to see and it’s time for me to take the final step.

According to the Tapestry Comics’ facebook page, the cover and final piece of the book was completed almost a year ago. Over the course of that time I have submitted it to several publishers in the hopes that my work could be developed by those who really know what they’re doing. I wanted to send my proverbial child away to college. Just say, “Here guys, this is all I can do with her… She’s in your hands now.” But that wasn’t meant to be. Out of the twelve or so publishers to whom I submitted, I received a form letter reply from one. But I love this book and I think it’s really well done. There is no way that I was going to let all of that time, money, blood, and sweat sit on a shelf and gather cobwebs as it fades into non-existence. So instead of dipping my toe into the water, I’m jumping in. So after 6 years, I’m pleased to present BAYEUX.

This summer, Tapestry Comics will not only be publishing BAYEUX, but also THE PUNY WARS, a children’s book that tells the story of The Punic Wars in a playground setting. Look forward to those two books in addition to future historical graphic novels, children’s books, and gosh knows what else. So here I go, taking the step that leads me from the end of one journey to the beginning of another. I’d love you all to come along.

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