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To Market, To Market

As we move through this publishing process for the very first time, every new step is a learning curve that starts at 0. We just took possession of all 2,000 copies of our first printing of BAYEUX and our big release party is just under 2 weeks away. At this point my entire world is marketing and setting up a selling infrastructure.

Marketing can make or break the success of a work so I felt it a good use of resources to invest money here so that it can be done more effectively and with help from those that know what they are doing. I spent a vast majority of my marketing budget to places:

1) Print advertising in BBC history magazine

The effectiveness of these resources can't be evaluated until the book becomes available but this, at the very least, guarantees that my materials a good spread of brand and product awareness.

The big bit of legwork that I did was search out every college level professor in the area that teaches classes in which the battle of Hastings is relevant and invited them and their students to attend our big anniversary/release party.

And finally, we were blessed to be included in a Phoenix New Times article listing out 11 Nerdy Things to do in Phoenix this month.

My next step is to print out some hard flyers and distribute them to schools and local comic shops.

We have 2,000 hardcopies on hand. Infinity digital copies. Our goal is to sell 10,000 total and it all starts in just under 2 weeks....

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