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Tomorrow is the culmination of all the work that we squeezed into the last few weeks. It was about a month ago that the idea of a promotional ashcan for BAYEUX presented itself. Within that time, we got the ashcan designed, printed, and delivered. We visited just about all of the comic shops in the Phoenix area to introduce ourselves and ask them if they'd be willing to carry our work on the big day. The following weekend we delivered all of the ashcans as well as road tripped it to Tucson and Flagstaff in order to include the shops in those beautiful cities.

While our initial goal was to get our ashcans in people hands via the help of all the wonderful local shops, we had a great reaction to our work and were invited to participate in the festivities. The shops were all fantastic enough to work with us so that we could try our best to be everywhere at once and the Tapestry Comics Free Comic Book Day Tour was born. Starting first thing in the morning we'll be at Drawn to Comics in old town Glendale. From there we're heading out to Samurai Comics' Glendale location. Lastly, we'll close the day across town at Tempe Comics. Free Comic Book Day is awesome and it's getting bigger and better every year. Be sure to go to your local shop to have a great time and get free comics.

We hit the concrete hard the last couple of weeks. We met tons of great people, and are super excited to continue developing our relationships with every one of them. We are super excited to participate in the culmination of this recent phase of our outreach and we hope to see you tomorrow!

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