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Today we're excited to announce that we've begun moving on our second project and we just signed on local AZ artist Ryan Cody to do the art. Work will begin in just under 2 weeks and is scheduled to be complete in December of next year with a potential release date of Spring 2018. We're not ready to divulge the subject matter as of yet but know we are nothing short of giddy about it.

Ryan has put his talents into many projects including his own story digital comic F.O.E (Feta Obstant Expeditions). In addition to his artistic endeavors, he co-hosts the Illustrious Gentlemen podcast. Here are some of our favorite examples of Ryan's art:

You can tell from these examples that we are going for a more stylized look in this book versus the super realistic art in BAYEUX. While this project will be exploring a fantastical visual experience for the sake of storytelling, we are still 100% committed to bringing you a real life historical story.

If you would like to explore more of Cody's work you can visit his website or his DeviantArt page.

Stay tuned for more!

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